Action Policy

1. Appreciate nature’s gifts and aim for corporate activities in harmony
with the natural environment

1-1 Recognize the importance of biodiversity and nature’s gift (ecosystem services) and reflect them in corporate policy.
1-2 Establish a corporate management vision and provide leadership to integrate biodiversity concerns.


2. Act from a global perspective on the biodiversity crisis

2-1 Consider impacts on relevant ecosystems and local communities, both domestic and abroad, when setting out operational plans.
2-2 Make an effort to ensure that the both providers and users of genetic resources will benefit from their utilization.


3. Act voluntarily and steadily to contribute to biodiversity

3-1 Make an effort to improve the identification and analysis of biodiversity impacts and improve business operations on biodiversity.
3-2 Endeavor through the individual company’s operations to contribute to substantial conservation of biodiversity and carefully consider implementation of trading or off-setting measures based on an economic assessment.
3-3 As part of social responsibility activities, engage in biodiversity issues even if they are not directly linked to the operations of the company.


4. Promote corporate management for sustainable resource use

4-1 Continuously implement activities for resource and energy saving related to the use of the “3R” approach (reduce, reuse and recycle) for operations, and the entire lifecycle of products and services while improving upon established practices.


5. Create an industry, lifestyle and culture that will learn from biodiversity

5-1 Promote technical development learning from nature and traditional knowledge, and encourage innovation in lifestyle and culture.
5-2 Promote the development and dissemination of technology that will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.
5-3 Make efforts to help restore biodiversity when operating in areas where nature has been negatively impacted.


6. Collaborate with relevant international and national organizations

6-1 Promote collaboration by strengthening communication with NGOs, local municipalities and educational, research and other relevant organizations.
6-2 Disseminate and share experiences from activities related to biodiversity.


7. Spearhead activities to build a society that will nurture biodiversity

7-1 Actively carry out environmental education activities for employees in collaboration with local communities, NGOs and other organizations.
7-2 Raise societal awareness of the need to nurture biodiversity.


*This action policy is cited from the Action Policy of “Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren”
( and illustrates actions taken by companies which express their commitments to biodiversity conservation through active voluntary efforts. By utilizing their management resources and ingenuities, participating companies are to promote voluntary activities which contribute to biodiversity.

You can also find a “Guide to Action Policy” here. (revised in November 2011)