Action Policy

1. 【Responsibility of management】 Commit to corporate management aiming at corporate activities in harmony with nature towards realizing a sustainable society

Top management will recognize the importance of biodiversity and essential functions of nature, and strive to understand the relationship between biodiversity and their corporate activities, based upon which top management will execute proper corporate management. 

Top management will recognize the importance of actions for biodiversity, develop a clear vision, provide leadership, and thereby contribute to achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Top management will conduct timely and proper information dissemination for and engage in dialogue on their biodiversity initiatives, targeting a wide range of stakeholders including consumers, customers, and investors.

2. 【Global perspective】 Act from a global perspective on the biodiversity crisis

In developing and implementing business plans, we will identify the potential impacts that group companies could have on ecosystems and local communities both in international and national contexts, and take concrete actions accordingly for biodiversity conservation. We will also strive to extend the same approach to supply chain management, by gaining an understanding of the potential relationship with biodiversity and encouraging appropriate actions to be taken. 

We will fully take into account domestic measures (ABS guidelines) of the “Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing” in utilizing genetic resources and allocating associated profits, and comply with laws enacted by the provider country concerned when acquiring genetic resources. 

3. 【Voluntary actions】 Act voluntarily and steadily to contribute to biodiversity 

We will identify, analyze and evaluate potential impacts of our business activities on biodiversity. With that in mind, we will contribute to conservation of biodiversity and its sustainable use, throughout all stages ranging from procurement of raw materials, design / manufacturing / assembly, transportation, product sales / service provision, to waste disposal / recycling.

We will strive to develop, utilize and disseminate technologies that contribute to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. 

On-site practical activities are the basis of efforts to conserve biodiversity. In cases where there is no option but to resort to the use of trading or compensation (e.g. offsetting) based upon economic assessment of local biodiversity, we will advocate dialogue with local stakeholders and thoroughly evaluate its effectiveness, taking care not to fall back on easy actions.

In cases where a clear relationship between corporate activities and biodiversity is difficult to identify, we will voluntarily and proactively promote activities leading to the creation of social values as a part of social responsibility activities, which include donations to foundations, support for activities initiated by employees, and thereby contribute to achieving SDGs.

4.【Integrated Environmental Business Management】 Promote Integrated Environmental Business Management

Towards realizing a low-carbon society, we voluntarily and proactively reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

Towards building a sound material-cycle society, we practice thorough and proper treatment of waste, and voluntarily and proactively engage ourselves in the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). 

5. 【Revitalization of regions making full use of natural capital】 Contribute to regional revitalization utilizing natural capital, holding nature in awe

We will deepen our understanding on various measures for disaster prevention and reduction by taking full advantage of regional ecosystem functions, and thereby contribute to making regions safe and secure. 

We will utilize functions of the natural capital inherent to a region, and thereby contribute to the revitalization of the region. 

We will strive to recover biodiversity when conducting corporate activities in regions, both in and outside of Japan, where the original natural environment has already suffered significant damage, as typically found in cities and some parts of Satochi-Satoyama (socio-ecological production landscapes). 

6. 【Partnership】 Collaborate with relevant international and national organizations

We will endeavor to expand communications, and to promote project level association and collaboration with, among others, NGOs, education / research institutions, local governments, business entities in and outside Japan. 

7. 【Environmental Education / Human Resource Development】 Spearhead initiatives on environmental education and human resource development to create a society that will nurture biodiversity

We will actively implement education on the natural environment for employees in collaboration with local communities and NGOs. 

We will implement environmental education for stakeholders such as local residents, cooperate with educational activities conducted by, among others, schools and NGOs, and thereby widely disseminate the awareness of nurturing biodiversity throughout society as a whole. 

*This action policy is cited from the Action Policy of “Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren”
( and illustrates actions taken by companies which express their commitments to biodiversity conservation through active voluntary efforts. By utilizing their management resources and ingenuities, participating companies are to promote voluntary activities which contribute to biodiversity.

(Introduced March 17, 2009 Revised October 16, 2018)